august, 2015

29augI dagStone Age craftsmanship: Learn how to listen to your flintstoneCome join the flint workshop in the Stone Age villageTid: 13-15


The last weekend in August guests in the Land of Legends can join in the flint workshop and learn one of the oldest craftsmanships known to man.

First step in making Stone Age tools from flint is to pick the right stone. This is done by putting your ear to the stone and listening to the sound it makes when you hit it. If it makes a glasslike sound, the  flint inside is as intact and regular as possible. Cracks, inclusions and crystals make the flint break irregularly and makes it difficult to make tools from.

The experienced instructors will teach you how to listen to your flint. They will also instruct you in the art of flint knapping and show you how to make knife blades and scrapers as the hunters and gatherers did back in the Stone Age in Denmark.



I dag (Lørdag)


Come join the flint workshop in the Stone Age village

The Ice Age hunter tent, map number 28



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